Thursday, October 31, 2013

Worth the Wait

We lit up the night with our costumes pressed, candles a glow, skip in our step, and buckets in hand.  
Halloween was upon us.  
I couldn't help but smile at the site of my little ones, beaming with excitement.  Finally, their sugar dreams had come true.

Every boy at Ethan's school knew
exactly who he was.
Steve, Minecraft Master

Getty Up!  This girl will never be the same,
now that she has her own pony.
Complete Felicity…Orange Frosting, Orange Teeth,
Orange ya Happy

Chicken Little shooting' the breeze
with Lady Peacock
Blood Brothers

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Starlight, Stars Bright!

     The stars were out this past weekend with sneakers laced, capes adjusted, bibs pinned and adrenaline flowing.  Thousands of Oregonians gathered this weekend for a Starlit race full of costumes, kids, crowds and competition.  The high school football field was filled with runners, dressed name it.  Giant birds, sharks, Dorothy & Toto, The Energizer Bunny, Wonder Woman, ninjas, funny looking purple hair people and more filled the stadium.  Found in the middle of it all were five super heroes and one Mind Craft Man.  Their names were, Weather Girl, Dinosaur Girl, Wolf Boy, Animal       Girl, Volcano Boy &  Steve.  Yes, these fearless Super cousins handmade their sheet capes of wonder.  Each originating from his or her own design, "super"vised by loving uncles, aunts, moms and dads.
Magnificence to say the least.  

     Now endowed with powers of nature, the fearless runners were ready to fly through the streets of downtown Portland, zapping any signs of fatigue or discomfort.  Their mission was to complete a 3 mile trek with daddies and uncles in tow.  Bright and sweaty as the noon day sun, these shining stars exemplified valor, courage, joy and triumph by placing one foot in front of the other.  With words of encouragement from uncles, dads, moms and a crowd of over 100,000 people, the Super Cousins crossed the finish line with a sighs of SUPER HUMANNESS!

Filling our lives with good...Great Times.


In the Mist of Eden

I am always amazed with the ever green and luscious landscapes of Oregon.  One only need walk a few steps from ones home to witness the beauty Mother of Nature intended from the beginning. 
This past Memorial Day, our families outing to little piece of Eden called Sliver Falls, was breathtaking.  The air wash filled with drops of life and the views were embellished with every shade of green.  Yes, I would image the first garden ever created was filled with sounds of rushing water, falling cascades & a crisp clean habitats for all to thrive in.
Standing behind a huge wall of water and listening to the roar and power of the one element that keeps us alive, was spectacular.  There is nothing like hiking through a wilderness of green only to encounter beautiful waterfalls after every mile or two.  It was an outing to remember.  An outing to see and  experience creation, at it's finest.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

To Treasure

"Fly!" cheeps the baby bird.  "Way up high!"  So the mama helps the baby bird FLIP, FLAP, FLY...
in the blue, blue sky, where the wind blows wish.
"Look!" cheeps the baby bird.  I see a...
mother who adores me, a father who protects me, a sister who cuddles me, two brothers who teach & tease me, and one year to tickle my toes.

Baby Jay was born this day, 365 days ago and what is a mother to say.  The experiences a mother shares with her infant are priceless.  Every breath, cry, coo, giggle, smile, tear, grasp, every moment spent with your baby is to be bottled up and stored...forever.  Preserved for the nights when you find yourself alone, in a rocking chair, thumbing through albums of years gone by.

The look in an old woman's eye as she observes me holding a baby in one arm and with the other, corralling three more children, tells me to savor the time when a woman is blessed beyond measure.  It is time to treasure and never wish away.

And so I will reflect on the moments that see me through each day.  Beginning with the call of my "Blue Jay" at mornings break.  At times it is hard to awake and stand up to the challenges of a new day, but my Jay brings me hope.  As I open the door to take care of one of my biggest blessings, he smiles, jumps up and down and gives me a hug, whispering, "Momma, it's going to be a great day!"

Happy Birthday Tee Tah.  I'll love you for always.

Sweet Treasure of Mine.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Make My Heart Swim

Have you ever had the opportunity to join a first grade elementary class, during it's Valentine's Day festivities?  I have.  I could not stop smiling as I witnessed that day what makes the world go round L-O-V-E.  Hearts were swimming as each child pulled out a new card from his or her Valentine bag.  Each treasure had his/her name attached with a surprise...A wonderful surprise letting them know that they were special.  Letting them know that they were cool, super, awesome and most of all loved.  Loved by the kids they see and interact with everyday.  Loved by their friends.  The most rewarding part of listening to the excitement and overwhelming joy the children felt, was the gratitude spilling from their lips.  I sat an observed one little boy open one Valentine at a time and after opening each one he would gleefully run to each of his classroom friends and thank them whole heartily.  Sincere gratitude.  It was a beautiful day of paper candy kisses and hugs.  My heart swam.  What else could a mother ask for on her birthday?
Cookie Station with Mom & Maille
Can you see her heart swimming? 

Ethan made an awesome Poke-Man Vday can, all by himself!

Adam's Birthday Round: 2

Welcome to Adam's Monster Truck Crunch Car Wash.  
You're welcome to stop by the Crunch Cafe at anytime for refreshments...Carrot Crunch, Candy Crunch, Nut Crunch & Chip Crunch will be served.
To begin, grab your Crunch Wash Tokens and insert (throw) them into the coin machine.

Now enter into the wash and enjoy the Bubble Bath Bash.

Turn the corner, careful not to get blown away by our Monster Powered Streamer Fan.
Now it's time for Pizza & a Chocolate Rubber Cake!  Yum!

Friends are a must!

 You've got to have gum while drivin' in the Monster Arena.

It's good to be Four & Fearless!