Thursday, October 31, 2013

Worth the Wait

We lit up the night with our costumes pressed, candles a glow, skip in our step, and buckets in hand.  
Halloween was upon us.  
I couldn't help but smile at the site of my little ones, beaming with excitement.  Finally, their sugar dreams had come true.

Every boy at Ethan's school knew
exactly who he was.
Steve, Minecraft Master

Getty Up!  This girl will never be the same,
now that she has her own pony.
Complete Felicity…Orange Frosting, Orange Teeth,
Orange ya Happy

Chicken Little shooting' the breeze
with Lady Peacock
Blood Brothers


Christie said...

Love the cute, creative costumes, as always. Where did your baby go?!!

RETA said...

Unbelievably CUTE!!!!!!!


James Vaugh said...

so cute kids.. god bless them!! :)
Ashley Madison